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Complete transfer set for Prince

  • We make the transfer in 16mm = 1ft scale for the Slaters Plastikard kit, 5.5mm = 1ft scale (from Malcolm Savage Models), plus others on demand

  • Please ensure that the lining you order is correct for your chosen period. WE MAKE THE PRINCE LINING TRANSFER FRESH FOR EACH ORDER AND CANNOT EXCHANGE IT ONCE MADE.

  • The correct transfer set for the period covered by the Slaters model of Prince contains the monogram plus off white & black lining, as shown in our photographs.

  • We also make a transfer set to decorate the model in one of its preservation era liveries. This linkPrince at Tan-y-blwch
to a recent Prince photo in Wikipedia shows the style of our preservation era transfer set. This transfer set is not strictly accurate for the Slaters Prince, as it was introduced after the period covered by the model.

  • We can make the lining transfer in non-standard pairs of colours, or as single colour transfers if required. See our FR lining transfers for Prince for details.

  • We can supply the No2, monogram and garter crest separately as well as number transfers to suit other FR England Engines

16mm = 1ft scale
F.R. preservation era, lettering and 2 colour lining set for Slaters Prince, as shown in a recent Prince photo in WikipediaPrince at Tan-y-blwch

This transfer is not strictly correct for the Slaters Prince, as the livery was introduced after the period covered by the model

Price per set for one loco comprising yellow/black lining set, garter crest plus 'No2' for front buffer beam and for tender: £

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To get details of the transfer in a scale not given above
  • Select a scale from the drop down menu
  • If the scale is not in the menu, write the scale in 'Unlisted' box
  • Click on the Add to Basket button
  • Check out in the normal way
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We do not charge for this request.   The basket will not ask for your card number, nor other financial details if your order comprises this alone.

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