Estimate your model's scale

People doors are usually about 2m high. Measure a door on your model in millimetres. Divide 2000 by your model's door height. Your answer will be a guide to your model's scale.

eg. Your model's door height measures 95mm

2000/95 = 21.05
Its scale is of the order of 1:21

The nearest model scales are F scale (= 1:20.3) and 1:22.5 (LGB), so your model is possibly F scale.

If no doors are visible, use the inside height of the side. DON'T use the outside height, as the side will extend over the floor thickness and often the underframe as well.

If you want to measure in inches, divide 78 by your door height.

G Scales

The following are scales which our customers have used for G. The list is not necessarily comprehensive nor correct.

F Scale 1:20.3
LGB 1:22.5
Gauge 3 1:22.6
1/2in = 1ft 1:24
American 1 scale 1:29


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